Wally Jay – Small Circle Jujitsu

Wally Jay

Wally Jay  (June 16, 1917 – May 29, 2011) was a Hawaiian born martial artist who primarily studied and taught judo and jujitsu.  He worked with many martial art greats including Bruce Lee, Dan Inosanto and Remy Presas of Modern Arnis.  In 1969, Jay was inducted into Black Belt Magazine’s Black Belt Hall of Fame as “Ju-Jitsu Sensei of the Year”.  His son, Leon Jay, continues as the top authority on Small Circle Jujitsu having studied martial arts his whole life with his father.  In 1987, Small Circle Jujitsu became recognized as a complete jujitsu style.  This style of jujitsu is an offshoot of Japanese style jujitsu where standing techniques are favored over ground techniques like in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Let me add, that my karate sensei Jack Morris knew and studied under Wally Jay.  And it is amazing how much pain bending a couple of fingers can cause.  As with all jiu jitsu or jujitsu leverage is the key and knowing how to create a fulcrum is very important.


The 10 principles of Small Circle Jujitsu

2.Mobility and Stability
3.Avoid the Head On Collision of Forces
4.Mental Resistance and Distraction
5.Focus to the Smallest Point Possible
6.Energy Transfer
7.Create a Base
8.Sticking Control and Sensitivity
9.Rotational Momentum
10.Transitional Flow (which includes):

Exert Continual Pain During Transitions
Create Maximum Pain Without Dislocating Joint
Mobility During Transition Rather than Stability

wally-jay finger lock

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