Spider Guard Defense For Bjj

BJJ spider guard
Spider Guard

Spider Guard Defense

The spider guard is a form of open guard.  It is a grappling position most often applied in sport jiu jitsu.  My first exposure to this guard was not pleasant.  I had no spider guard defense and I felt like some kind of puppet on strings, like Pinocchio.  I felt helpless, a normal feeling for a white belt, and had no idea what to do.  Since then I’ve come to understand this powerful guard technique a little better and at least now I have a chance at breaking free of the strings.  As times gone on, I’ve even got to play the puppet master on a few occasions with some very white belts on my bjj journey.

Professor Paulo Ribeiro has covered this technique in class from the offensive and defensive side and I really appreciated those classes.  As with most positions and techniques in bjj, there is usually more then one way to accomplish your goal.


Kurk Osiander is always fun to watch and here he does a good job showing a nice counter.  I’ve featured Kurt Osiander before with a video on a choke from side control and a video on an attack from the mount position.  I love Kurt’s down to earth attitude.


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