A Simple Arm Drag Takedown for Bjj

Arm Drag Takedown for Bjj

Lets face it, most bjj schools don’t practice takedowns enough.  And I’ll admit I don’t mind that much because when your 48 years old, takedowns can feel a bit scary.  Granted I’m talking more about Judo style throws, rather than an arm drag takedown, but still takedowns tend to get the nerves and blood flowing.  But they are necessary to be a complete practitioner.  And if you plan to compete they are necessary to know and practice because in competition you start standing up, not on your knees.

This is a simple yet effective takedown for bjj. Coach Firas Zahabi is a world class bjj coach. We’ve looked at arm drags before and how they are effective and used by all of the grappling arts. The key is making sure you don’t give your opponent your back and Coach Zahabi covers this.  In NoGi, arm drags are a common move, since there are no Gi grips so grabbing the arm is one of your main options.

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