Rear Naked Choke Escapes

Rear Naked Choke

Rear Naked Choke

The Rear Naked Choke or RNC for short is a classic blood choke.  It is known as Hadaka-jime in Judo.  It is a choke that is performed without using the gi and therefore  naked.  You see this technique used often and successfully in MMA.  When someone gets an opponent’s back it is a popular submission to try.  As with most escapes, the escape starts by not letting your opponent get into a position to execute the choke.  For the RNC, that means keeping your opponent off your back.  Sounds so simple until you are defending against an experienced upper belt.   Once that happens besides trying to gain a better position, keep your chin down so it is difficult to just slide a hand/arm under your chin.  From there it’s a grip fight with some different options as presented below by the experts to escape.  Remember if this is a self defense situation, then a thumb to the eye might be the trick.



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