Passing the Guard with Ryan Hall

bjj passing the guard

Passing The Guard

Passing the guard is a fundamental skill in bjj.  The person on top is trying to get around the bottom guy’s legs and arms to get to their side, in a side mount position or maybe straight to a mount position.  Both of these positions are better strategically then being in your opponents guard.  As the person on bottom guard, you are trying to defend against a guard pass, and maybe work some offense like a sweep or a Kimura from the bottom guard.

There isn’t one way to pass your opponents guard.  There are actually many ways to accomplish the job and the ways to pass are only limited by your imagination and execution.  But there do exist some basic ideas and concepts that a well round bjj practitioner would what to understand.

Ryan Hall does a great job of going over passing the guard.  I’ve featured Ryan before in a defending the guard pass video.


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