In Bjj Guard Posture is Important


Guard Posture in Bjj

Posture in Bjj is so important.  Good guard posture will negate much of what the bottom player will attempt whether it be sweeps, locks or chokes.  Bad posture practically gives the bottom guard player all of those moves.  And there are very few attacks to execute when your in someone’s guard.  Usually the goal is to improve your position by moving to side mount, half guard, mount, or a standing position.  So a big battle takes place when you are in someone’s guard.  You are trying to establish a good posture with your hips low and a solid frame with your arms, body and hips all connected.  Then possibly move to side control.  But your opponent will be trying to control your posture and break you down.  The bottom guard player will be trying to keep you off balance and maybe go for a sweep, Kimura Lock, or a choke. 

When we go over posture in class it is like magic in that subtle position adjustments make all the difference.   Like many techniques, the correct execution is in the small details.  When going against higher belts in class, losing this battle often ends in a tap.

Hidden Guard Posture

Henry Akins is famous for his “hidden” jiu jitsu.  In this video, he shows the “hidden” jiu jitsu of establishing good posture when in your opponent’s guard.



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