Foot Sweep For The Takedown

foot sweep bjj

Foot Sweep

The foot sweep is one of those take downs you will see in all forms of grappling and martial arts.  The reason is the obvious one, it works without being too difficult for the average person to learn.   Mind you I didn’t say master, but it is not to tough of a move to execute.  Balance and timing are more important  when it comes to a successful execution.  When you can unbalance your opponents weight onto one foot then they become unstable and vulnerable for a sweep. Good timing is important in its execution.  You must strike the moment your opponent is off balance.  To unbalance your opponent is the basis for most take downs. In Japanese, the word Kuzuski is used to describe off balancing your opponent.  One nice feature about the foot sweep is that you do not have to turn your back to your opponent to use it.  This would be especially important in a self defense situation.



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