Bjj Self Defense – Choke From Behind

Self Defense When Being Choked From The Rear

Today’s blog post is about self defense.

Our technique will be a defense against a choke from behind.

Professor Paulo Ribeiro will demonstrate the technique with Professor Doug being the Uke.

In this scenario you can see from the picture this is not a full on rear naked choke as it is not locked in. This is a more basic street style version.

Take both of your hands and pull down on the arm around your neck. At the same time drop your weight and open your stance. (I usually do a small step out squat) This will throw your opponent of balance when done right.

(The squat you did will help you get underneath the hips of your opponent and gain leverage.) Continue to pull firmly down on the arms while keeping the arm securely against your body and then you will do what we call in class bow. You will bow (almost picking your opponent up with your butt and lower back) and slightly turn away from the arm around your neck. Throwing your opponent over your shoulder and onto the ground.

In a true self defense situation you may choose to escape at this point or in class you would continue to hold the arm and land in knee on belly.




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