My Bjj Notes App Release for iOS

My Bjj Notes

My Bjj Notes App Release

I’m happy to announce the release of My Bjj Notes App for iOS (iPhone/iPad).  This has taken almost a year from concept to release but I am very pleased with the final result.  So what is the app for?  It is for recording your Jiu Jitsu journey and acts as a study aid.

Record Techniques

This was my initial reason for making the My Bjj Notes App.  It was frustrating to me that I could not remember what I learned in any particular class more than a few weeks old.  Sure I’m getting older, so maybe my memory isn’t the best, but I found that when I asked around my academy, it was a common problem.  Not that nobody could remember anything, but the details become fuzzy as time goes by.  Heck, even the next day, it can be easy to forget that one little thing the Professor said that makes the technique work the way it is suppose too.  So now as soon as class is done I make some notes about class.  Later I’ll come back and edit my notes to add more detail and make better sense.  By just doing that you will have put the techniques deeper into you memory bank.  And having to actually write the technique steps out helps you understand all the steps better.

Take Notes

Make notes about anything you want.  Were you dragging at class today? But you know it’s because you didn’t sleep well the night before, make a note that you didn’t sleep well the night before.  Or maybe you had a beast of a workout today and just want to make a note about how well you performed and why you think you did.  Maybe you just want to make a note to remember somebody’s name at class today.  It doesn’t matter, you make notes based on what is important for you to advance you jiu jitsu journey and help you learn.

Record your Rolls

I know that I usually learn something every time I roll with somebody.  But after a few rolls at the end of a long class, how much of what you learned in that roll are you going to remember for the next time.  I know that at my academy, higher belts will often offer tips to me when rolling, usually about how to counter the move they just did to me, or go over the technique, often submission, of what they just did to me.  This is valuable information that is often forgotten after class.  The app also lets you record the submissions that happened during the roll, who submitted and what was the technique.

Take Notes from Seminars

Going to bjj seminars is a great way to add to your knowledge.  But anybody who has been to one can attest to the fact that there is usually a ton of great information shared.  But how much of that are you going to remember at the next class.  Now you can take extensive notes on the seminar for future reference.  Never forget what you paid good money to learn.

Remember Belt Promotions

One of the most exciting and rewarding moments along your jiu jitsu journey are your belt promotions.  Now you can record the date you received your promotion and add some pics and video to fully capture the moment.  This is a multi year journey for most of us and making sure to make note of all the notable things that happened along the way is important.


Record what tournament you entered and who you competed against.   Did you win or lose?  By submission or points?  What to make some notes about this particular tournament like it was well run or whatever then there is a spot for that too.

Never Forget What You Paid Good money to Learn

Taking classes,  going to seminars, participating in tournaments all costs money.  And then there is the time involved which can be substantial.  Why not maximize your efficiency with taking notes to enhance your memory and learning progress.  The App is Free.

Feedback is Welcome

My Bjj Notes was made for you.  This is all new to me so feedback is very much welcome.  Please let me know what you like and don’t like about the App and leave a comment in the comments section of this blog post.  I will be looking to improve it in the future.  There will be an Android version in the near future.  Thank you.



One thought on “My Bjj Notes App Release for iOS

  1. Thank you so much for making this BJJ notes app! As a 50-year-old eX college wrestler the introduction to BJJ has been a wonderful gift for my life. Although I have a physical notebook a digital one is also a very powerful tool. Can’t wait to start using it.

    Problem problem that I’m having is the font used for all of the notes is so pale I cannot see anything.

    That is on contrast to the nice, bold,, black text I’m writing in this comment to you. I am sure I am doing something wrong. Is there a way to change font color for your notes in settings?

    Thank you so much!

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